Roanoke Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Roanoke Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Complete Construction DFW is a kitchen remodeling contractor that serves the Roanoke, TX area. Our hands-on approach to kitchen remodeling has enabled us to provide superior craftsmanship, adapting to the unique requirements of each client.

Roanoke Kitchen Remodels

Understanding just how much time is spent in the kitchen, we consider both function and form in our kitchen remodeling work. Whether you are looking to simply change out a backsplash, or are ready for a complete makeover, you can trust Complete Construction DFW for innovative design guidance and quality construction. From custom cabinetry and quality painting, to beautiful tile, granite, marble and solid-surface work, we have you covered. Click here to learn more!

Kitchen Remodeling With Confidence

Few home improvements bring greater enjoyment and home value to the owner than a kitchen remodel. The kitchen is where families prepare and enjoy their meals.  It is where guests inevitably gather. You want a kitchen that is beautiful and functional. Let us create the kitchen of your dreams. Maybe you’ve got a kitchen that you know needs to be modernized, but your strengths and interests are not in kitchen design. We get that!  And, that’s where we can shine. We make it our business to stay on top of trends and we’ve gained the right kitchen remodeling experience to know what works. We also know what upgrade will last and where your budget dollars will make the most impact in the overall upgrade. We can work with hands-off clients just as well as those that have a clear vision in mind.

Dream Kitchens In Roanoke

As we plan for your Roanoke kitchen remodel, we’re going to give you options to go beyond what is standard, because we’ve got the experience and knowledge to do so. Ever considered:

  • a built-in chopping block?
  • two different countertop materials?
  • a wine fridge?
  • dedicated dog food storage?
  • open plate racks?
  • a warming drawer?
  • bookshelves for the cookbooks?

Let’s get serious about that wish list, whether you’ve put it down on paper or dreamt it up over the years while working in your kitchen.


Experienced Roanoke Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Complete Construction DFW knows kitchens. We have the experience and knowledge you need to make style decisions for your kitchen that are fresh and current and will, most importantly, hold their value for years to come.  We can take you through the remodel process with confidence.  We’ll be as discerning as you are with regards to your choices.  We only partner with trades who’ve proven to us they’re the best in their business.  Furthermore, we understand you need the remodel work completed efficiently.  Any material impacts to our project timeline will only be made after careful consideration.  Throughout the process, we will maintain an open line of communication, keeping you up to speed on progress and providing dependable, experience-backed answers to all your questions.

Are you ready to get started on your dream kitchen?  Trust Complete Construction DFW to be your Roanoke, TX Kitchen Remodeling Contractor. Contact us today.