3 Popular Flooring Trends To Consider

There are so many awesome flooring trends that homeowners are trying out and incorporating into their home design. These floor trends look great and are so versatile that there is trend that every person will like. Here are three great flooring trends to consider.

3 Popular Flooring Trends To Consider

Distressed Wood Created From Tile 

A very popular style of flooring that a lot of homeowners are having installed in their homes are tiles that are made to look like distressed wood. The distressed wood first became popular with furniture and has now crossed over into flooring. The great thing about using tile to create the distressed wood look is that it is much more affordable than purchasing actual wood. The distressed look can also be perfected because each piece of tile is synthetically distressed to look exactly how you want it to.

Lighter Colored Wood

For a long time the trend for hardwood floors was a rich, dark wood that was then stained to look even darker. However, the new trend now incorporates lighter colored hardwood floors. A lighter color of wood can really help to open up your home and help it to look a lot cleaner and brighter. This is very appealing to several homeowners, especially as trends are leaning towards lighter colored cabinets, walls, carpets, etc.

Decorative Hardwood Patterns

Rather than laying down pieces of hardwood traditionally, there are a lot of trends that instead go with a more decorative pattern for their hardwood. This includes chevron patterns, herringbone patterns, and more. This can really help to shake up the traditional wood look, while still giving you all the other amazing benefits of choosing real hardwood for your floors.

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