Thinking About Expanding Your Home? Here Are 6 Room Ideas To Choose From

Every house has a kitchen, dining room and living room, but what about adding other unique features to your home? There are so many different rooms to choose from, it can be daunting. Here are a few suggestions which are popular when it comes to expanding your home.

Thinking About Expanding Your Home? Here Are 6 Room Ideas To Choose From

Build A Master Room On The Main Floor

If you’re starting to get at that point in life where you are having stair difficulties, consider building a master room on the main floor. That way, your bedroom is on the ground and you don’t have to walk those pesky steps.

Updated Bathrooms

Maybe you don’t need a new room to have a new bathroom. If you’re getting on in years, consider installing a full sized bathroom on your main floor and have both a walk-in shower and a comfort height toilet installed.

Sun Rooms

These rooms are always a popular choice. You can bask in the sun and enjoy your yard without actually having to go outside which would be a great addition this day and age.

Flex Rooms

Flex rooms are rooms which allow for multiple uses. Consider having a room which can be both your entertainment center and living room. Or a room that has both a pool and a gym.

Accessory Dwelling Rooms

Another popular choice are accessory dwelling rooms, also known as “casitas” also more humorously known as the “mother-in-law” room.

Add A Library Or A Study

Even if you are an avid eBook reader, you could build a study or a library. This is another room which would do nicely as a flex room. Have a room built where you can store your books and have your home office.

Whatever you end up deciding when expanding your home, always give us a call and plan out your unique room additions today!