Renovation Ideas to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

Making a small kitchen feel bigger is a popular goal for a small kitchen renovation. These ideas offer ways to make kitchens look more spacious by reclaiming wasted space and by flooding the kitchen with natural light.

Renovation Ideas to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

Recapture Existing Space

Install Recessed Lighting

Hanging lights take up space. Recessed lighting doesn’t fill living space because it’s in the ceiling. Another benefit of recessed lighting is it makes the ceiling look higher.

Remove Soffits

The boxy drywall structures that frequently are between kitchen cabinets and the ceiling are called soffits. Although some soffits cover wiring or plumbing, many soffits simply fill space. You can remove those soffits to get that space back. Then having your new kitchen cabinets extend to the ceiling becomes a possibility. Cabinets that go to the ceiling also make the ceiling appear higher.

Create Recessed Storage

This is storage that’s in the wall and usually between studs. Recessed storage can be simple like a small, open shelf. However, a kitchen with few storage options may benefit from more extensive recessed storage. Homeowners have used recessed storage to create spice racks, rows of open shelving, and closed-door pantries.

Increase Natural Light

You have many options for making your kitchen feel more spacious with additional natural light. Possibilities include:

  • Enlarging existing windows
  • Adding new windows
  • Replacing a solid exterior door with a glass door
  • Installing a skylight
  • Using window treatments that offer light control
  • Adding solar tubes

Solar tubes are also known as sun tunnels. Unlike skylights, solar tubes can be installed on the first floor of a two-level home.

DFW Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

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